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My transformation so far…

on January 2, 2012

It all started in April last year, when I had two pairs of jeans split between the legs and the button pop on another pair of pants!  I felt terrible – what had happened to me?  I had hardly lost any weight after the birth of my gorgeous boy, in fact I was starting to gain weight again!

I bought a copy of Michelle Bridges Crunchtime and started reading.  I decided to at least follow her exercise plan and start eating better.  Then I discovered her 12 Week Body Transformation online and luckily for me Round 2 of 2011 was soon going to be starting.  I signed up straight away!

I lost about 3kg before the round started and then another 9kg during that first round.  It was great!  Mish gave you everything you needed for success – meals plans, shopping lists, exercise plans, mindset lessons and to top it off a great community of people to interact with on the forums.  It was the best $200 I had ever spent in my life.

My second round (Round 3, 2011) was not as successful weight-loss wise but my fitness increased dramatically and I started achieving things that I had never thought possible before – like running 10km or doing push-ups on my toes!  I also got more involved in the world of tweeting that round and I now have an awesome “twitter family” that have been a great source of support and friendship!  At the end of Round 3 I had lost almost 16kg from when I had first started out.  I had lost the weight of my 2 1/2 year old son!!



And now I find myself eagerly awaiting the start of Round 1, 2012.  I still have some more weight to lose, some more goals to achieve but I will happily admit that I am now really comfortable in my own skin.  I am happy with where I am at but I still want the challenge of achieving more!  Now that I have come this far, I know I can keep going and achieve those goals. 

The biggest goal for this round will be to finally achieve a healthy BMI, something that has eluded me for most of my adult life!  This morning I weighed in at 68.4kg and for a short-arse like me, a healthy BMI of 25 is a weight of about 62kg.  So that’s only just over 6kg away!  Very exciting!!!

Unfortunately at the moment my progress has been slowed by some health issues.  I had an incident a couple of weeks ago where I had some tightening in my chest whilst doing interval sprints on the treadmill.  I felt a bit queasy afterwards and just knew I had to go to the doctors because it was a feeling I had never had before.  They have already done some tests which have come back perfect but I have a Stress ECG booked for Jan 18 and until then the doctor has ordered me to take it easy.  So I’m walking and doing a bit of yoga but I really miss my running!!!  So bring on Jan 18 – I’m sure the results will be great and I can start striving to reach those goals once again!


4 responses to “My transformation so far…

  1. rockafellaskank says:

    I hope all of the tests are okay but surely the great weight loss has to have helped!

    I can’t believe you are so close to a healthy BMI, that must be SO exciting – well done. And you can really see the difference in the photos!



    • Thanks again!

      I’m feeling confident that all the tests will be okay – the doctor just wants to be sure! In a way I’m strangley looking forward to the stress test – will be a good way of proving to myself how fit I have become!

  2. Tina says:

    Your transformation pictures just speak for themselves, you’re looking fantastic. I live for the day (probably next year…) when I have great after pictures myself.

    Hope your test goes well and that you’re given a good clean bill of health so you can smash those last few kilos. Looking forward to reading about it 🙂

    • Hi Tina,

      Thanks for dropping by! I am still a work in progress but very happy with what I have achieved so far.

      I’m looking forward to hearing your progress and I will no doubt see you on the forums! 🙂

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