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New Year, new blog!

on January 2, 2012

So this is my first blog. I’m a bit nervous about getting it started but I just want a place to record my journey, record my thoughts and express my opinions about anything and everything.

The main focus will of course be my journey with 12WBT, Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. This amazing online program has truly changed my life. Not only have I lost weight and increased my fitness levels but I have also gained confidence, become more assertive and am now enjoying life like never before.

I have already done two rounds of this great program and am signed up for a third which kicks off really soon. I have another 5-10kg to lose and I want to continue increasing my fitness and seeing just how far I can push my body. It’s really exciting to be always pushing to that next level.

I’ve been thinking about some specific goals for this year. So here are a few to get me started…

* lose 5-10kg so that I achieve a healthy BMI
* run 5km in 30 minutes
* increase my running distance so that I regularly run 8-10k
* participate in a 10k fun run
* learn to ride a road bike and start making cycling a part of my training

I’m sure there will be more.  I have to admit that I haven’t put alot of thought into it yet.  I really need to sit down and write it all out on paper to make it real.

It’s a bit the same with the post.  I really haven’t thought about what I want to write for this first post.  I guess it’s just a bit of an introduction, a “hello world!” and I will fill in all the blanks later as I go along.

So for now, let’s just get it out there! 

And Happy New Year!!!


3 responses to “New Year, new blog!

  1. rockafellaskank says:

    Hello back! And welcome to the world of blogging! Thanks also for the reference to my blog on the side!!!

    Your goals look great and there seems to be a definite fitness theme! Can’t wait to hear how you go.


    • Thanks Deb!
      And you’re welcome! I love reading your blog and I am in total agreement that Caramello Koalas are the best chocolate treat money can buy! But maybe we should go into a pact to abstain from them this year…or at least limit them!!

      • rockafellaskank says:

        I definitely need to limit them (the caramello koalas). Am less certain about the wine / champers though. Particularly at the moment (last day of holidays for me etc etc).

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