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Kick my butt please!

on January 6, 2012

I really have not started this New Year very well when it comes to exercise.  There’s been alot going on and several late nights and I know I need the sleep but I can’t help being pissed off at myself for not getting up in the mornings to walk.  Part of this is because I am extremely unenthused about walking – it just doesn’t cut it for me!  There’s no adrenalin high and definitely not enough calorie burn!  But enough is enough – it’s time to take action and JFDI!!

Now I know I’m on doctor’s orders to not overdo the exercise until I have had the tests done on my ticker.  But I think I know my body better than anyone and I am honestly feeling great.  The only thing I am in need of is a good endorphin hit.  So I am going to get up tomorrow morning and I AM GOING TO RUN!!!!  I’ll take it easy – just a cruisy 5km – and if anything doesn’t feel right then I will slow back down to a walk.  I just have to do this – I have become an endorphin junkie over the past 8 months and if I don’t get my fix soon I am going to be impossible to live with.  My doctor doesn’t need to know I’m running and neither does my husband and at 5.30 in the morning who the hell is going to know what I’m up to anyway!

So now it’s out there!  I am committing to it so now I have to do it and I will report back tomorrow to let you know how it goes!


3 responses to “Kick my butt please!

  1. Don’t overdo it though. I am not a runner and use walking for exercise so get a bit depressed when people talk about it being not good for that purpose… but I can understand that if you are fitter, it is less about doing SOMETHING than doing something HARD.

    My neighbour is a super-fit pilates instructor (ex swimmer of some note I think) and she’s a bit older than me (45 – 46) and she’s stopped running cos it was too bad for her joints. She walks now (plus does pilates all day of course) but she does hills. She purposely chooses routes with mammoth hills and trudges up and down them. I pick a few hills when I walk, but mostly am pleased to just do something.

    I guess your doctor said no weights etc as well or no cycling etc?

    Take care! And don’t be too hard on yourself cos I think ANY movement / calorie burn is okay.


    • Thanks Deb I will try and take it easy. I have a tendency to be a bit gung-ho about things and forget sometimes that something is better than nothing. And even though I prefer running I do enjoy a walk from time to time – gives me a chance to truly enjoy the outdoors! And that’s something I should do more often especially living where I do.

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