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Feeling like me again!

on January 7, 2012

It was a beautiful morning today! I happily got out of bed at 5.15am and was out the door and on the road at 5.30.  There really is something magical about this time of the day…the silence, the stillness, the crispness in the air.  I just love it…and I love it even more because this is MY time.  I am completely alone with no demands and I can do whatever I want.  And this morning I wanted to run!
I decided that 5km would be achievable and I was happy to walk if I needed a rest.  But once those legs got moving I found myself back in that captivating rhythm and before I knew it 4km had flown by.  I slowed down to a walk a couple of times in the last km but I was really happy with my time.  I definitely noticed that my fitness level had dropped since the last time I ran. My pulse ran a little higher than usual and my legs were a bit tired towards the end but it was great to get through it with no chest pains.
I have been confident this whole time that there is nothing wrong with my heart so today’s run boosted my confidence even further.  Even so, I will wait until I’ve had my tests before pushing myself any further.  I am just so happy to be back to doing what I love and back to feeling like me again!


3 responses to “Feeling like me again!

  1. Glad the run went well and you suffered no ill effects. Hopefully your fitness will pick back up in no time!


    • Donna says:

      You will be back blasting the ashphelt off the pavements before you know it, good on you 🙂

      • Hi Hi Miss Donna!

        Thanks for dropping by! I saw you have set yourself up on Twitter too!! I am really excited about this next round and I am so glad you are joining us! Planning on another run in the morning but the weather is looking a bit shit – oh well better get the raincoat out!

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