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Getting into the groove again…

on January 9, 2012

Another nice run this morning.  It was a bit cool though and very windy – I didn’t take my jacket off the whole time.  The wind slowed be down a bit at times but it was great to be out there in the fresh air. 

The strangest thing about my run today was that there were people around (I usually see no-one).  Turns out there is a rescue search going on – 3 people are missing so the SES, fire brigade and police were all up getting ready for today’s search.  I hope these people are okay because it was cold and wet yesterday and now with this icy wind they will be frozen to the bone!!  At least the sun is out so that should make the search easier.  I sure do hope they find them alive and well.

Now that I am back into my training, I think it’s high time that I start focussing on my eating.  This is what really lets me down at times.  I have a tendency to graze alot during the day, especially when I am at home, and I just don’t realise how many calories I have consumed.  Then there is my habit of eating my son’s leftovers and then there’s also the binging.  I don’t know what comes over me at these times but they only last for about 5 minutes and I will shove all sorts of things in my gob and consume them without even really realising I’ve done it.  I mean I do know I’m doing it but there is also something quite subconcious about it – it’s as though it takes a while for my brain to register what is going on.  I have no idea why I do this – it doesn’t happen often but it disturbs me that it does all the same.  Sometimes I think there is this part of me that just wants to rebel against all this strict healthy eating – I think it’s the “inner teenager” that Mish has talked about in her mindset lessons.  The other thing that I do with these episodes is that I eat the food so quickly that I don’t even have a chance to enjoy it!  It’s like if I eat it quickly enough I can pretend I haven’t done it!  These are all issues I need to address.  Maybe I just need to allow myself the odd treat each week and sit down and really enjoy it!  Make it a part of my meal plan and enjoy it without guilt!  And perhaps if I can stay more focussed on the goal – perhaps visually with a vision board or something like that – the desire to break out like this will be reduced!

Well it was good to get that off my chest!  I think the first step in overcoming a problem is owning and admitting to it.  Putting it out there might just help me get back on track!


One response to “Getting into the groove again…

  1. rockafellaskank says:

    I feel like writing about stuff does help. Not that I’ve solved some of those problems as yet (on the binge-eating front etc).

    I agree sometimes we do it quickly so we can pretend it doesn’t happen…. (what chocolate????).

    Well done on getting back into the running!


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