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That special something…

on January 17, 2012

I feel like I just have to take a few moments to write about my run this morning.  I decided to do a run with a few hills instead of my Bridge to 10K training.  It was a gorgeous morning and finally warm enough that I could wear just a t-shirt and tights.  My run was going along as expected, I usually struggle a bit up the hill on the Alpine Way but I made it to the top without having to stop.  And then it was time to come back down.  I was at the 6k mark when I just had this euphoric feeling wash over me.  I found myself running faster than I usually do and I just felt like I never wanted to stop.  It also helped that the song I was listening to was quite fast-paced and if I hadn’t needed to turn around and go home I think I might have kicked on for another few km’s.  I did go on for a bit further because I was enjoying the feeling so much that I just had to keep going for a bit longer.  But then reality came crashing in to remind me that I had to get home and get ready for work.  Never mind, I ran an extra kilometre that I had not planned to and I felt great.  Gotta love endorphins!!  

I am really starting to understand why runners run.  There really is something special about it – it’s not just something physical, it’s mental and (dare I say it) spiritual as well.  All I know is that I am so happy that I discovered running – it’s not for everyone but for me it has become a very important part of my life and I am always looking forward to the next run.


3 responses to “That special something…

  1. Wow, how great! As you know… I’m yet to experience such joy, but I’m glad you’re really enjoying your running. Well done!


    • Thanks Deb! As I was writing this post I was thinking of you – “Deb’s going to get sick of me banging on about running soon!!” – so I really do appreciate your feedback!! I really am enjoying it and I am still struggling to work out why no other exercise has made me feel this way. It really is a strange feeling for me to be this excited about exercise because 12 months ago I definitely was not!!

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