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Zuzka is back!

on January 21, 2012

Towards the end of last year I discovered Bodyrock.tv a home workout website led by the amazing Zuzana Light.  I was gob-smacked by her strength and incredibly fit body – this chick rocks!!  I have no idea what chance I have of getting a body like that but she is definitely someone that inspires me.  Not only does she have abs to die for but a lovely personality as well.  She explains everything to her viewers and is extremely encouraging to everyone.  Just before Christmas, Zuzana and her husband Freddy broke up and he has since moved on with the Bodyrock.tv website with his brother Sean and some new hosts.  I have continued to follow them despite Zuzana’s absence and although the workouts are still great, it really isn’t the same without Zuzka.  Zuzka IS Bodyrock and always will be in my opinion!

But Zuzka is back!  I read with excitement on Facebook this morning that Zuzka had released her first ZWOD (Zuzka’s Workout Of the DAY) on YouTube.  I was so excited for her to be making this comeback after the breakup.  She herself admitted that she had gained some weight and lost some fitness over the past 2 months and she seemed to genuinely struggle during this workout.  And for the first time ever I was actually able to keep up with her during the workout when I tried it today!  It was killer but so good!  Zuzana really is amazing…she is a  beautiful soul, an amazing athlete and a massive inspiration to me – I am thrilled to see her back doing what she does best!


3 responses to “Zuzka is back!

  1. Amanda Hyatt says:

    Fabulous! I love bodyrock tv – had a peak every now and again but haven’t looked for a couple of months so didn’t know any of the news. Must try and find her on youtube now … Well done for keeping up – that takes some doing!!!

  2. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it. I will have to have a look. I love the idea though don’t know what to expect!!!


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