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The countdown is on…time to get real!

on January 26, 2012

The past few days have seen me quite busy and struggling to find time to blog or address my pre-season tasks for 12WBT.  And the countdown is on until the new round starts so I better start getting serious.  You see I have been just floating along since the end of last round, quite content that I have stayed within a kilo of my round 3 finish weight of 67.6kg. But yesterday I did my first gym workout in a while and I noticed in the mirrors that I’ve gotten a bit soft.  I may have gained no more than a kilo but there were bits sticking out that hadn’t before and I knew straight away the cause.  Although I have been training well, my food intake is really letting me down.  Nutrition is what its all about and I know I have to clean up my act if I’m going to get the results I want.

I have managed to get up to date with my pre-season tasks.  Found that some new excuses were forming, stupid ones where I think I can get away with eating bad because I have lost so much weight. It’s like I think “I can get away with it!” But I know I’ve been caught out by this attitude before and I am not going to allow it to happen again.  The other problem I have noticed is that I tend to eat badly on the days when I am at home. The cupboard is there and although there is not much bad stuff in there, its more of an overeating issue than an eating crap issue.  For some reason I tend to ignore my meal plans on these days, that’s if I even have a meal plan.  Have not been doing them for a while!  So time to get organised and start planning again.

Sorry this post is a bit of a ramble today.  Just need to get it out there!


2 responses to “The countdown is on…time to get real!

  1. Great that you’re realising all of these things AND that you’re keeping up with your pre-season tasks etc.

    Keep at it!

    • Thanks Deb! Trying really hard to get back on track again…crazy the way we let things slip away from us. But we do deserve a break now and then too. Have started focusing on what I want to achieve and that in turn motivates me to be good…and avoid the caramello koalas!!

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