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12WBT Week 1, Round 1 2012

on February 14, 2012

And it’s off and running!  The 12WBT program has finally kicked off after what seemed like an eternal off-season.  And for me so far things have started off really well. 

I weighed in only 200g heavier than my end weight for Round 3.  Yes I know that I should have continued to lose weight but I decided to cut myself some slack over the festive season and my aim was to maintain.  And that is exactly what I did but there was a price paid.  Although my weight had not changed much there was a slight increase in my measurements and this has been further proof to me that what you put in your mouth really matters.  My diet was not ideal and I am certain is the reason that I have puffed out a little.  I had observed at the gym a few weeks ago that I was not looking as firm as I had been.  Anyway, lesson learnt and I will endeavour to better next time off-season rolls around.

So back to this new round.  I did my fitness test yesterday and I am thrilled to report that I have now reduced my 1km time trial to a personal best of 5m19s.  Then today things got even better – I set out to run a cruisy 5k this morning and noticed that my pace was a bit better than usual so I made a conscious effort to maintain it and at the 4k mark I realised that if I really pushed in the last kilometre I could get close to the elusive 30min 5k!  And I nearly did it – another PB of 30m20s.  I was so excited I thought about jumping up and down in the air but decided that the celebration could wait until I reach the 30 minute mark.

Food-wise, everything is going great.  I am a tad hungry but the meals so far this week have been awesome and I am really enjoying cooking again.  I have chopped and changed a few things but kept everything within the required calorie limits and some of the results have been awesome.  One of the breakfasts this week has been Berry Bruschetta.  Now I am not a huge fan of toast and would rather eat only one piece than two.  This recipe called for two slice of toast topped with ricotta and berries.  Then it occurred to me that there are less calories in an egg than in a slice of bread.  How about I ditch one of the pieces of toast and use an egg to turn the other slice into French toast?  So I whisked up the egg with a dash of low-fat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon, soaked the remaining piece of bread and then cooked in a non-stick pan.  Then I topped it with the ricotta and berries and it was just gorgeous.  And super filling.  And great news – it’s on the menu for tomorrow!  Getting excited!


2 responses to “12WBT Week 1, Round 1 2012

  1. Debbish says:

    Great start and congratulations on being so motivated! Keep up the excellent work!!!!

    (I love that your fitness has improved. That’s great!)

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